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ARNWING double bed cherry wood (can be customized)ARNWING tatami bed cherry wood (can be customized)CEDARLEY double bed cherry wood (can be customized)CEDARLEY hydraulic bed cherry wood INSIRONA bed with cabinet white oak



Wood, like life, breathes and is a precious product from nature. We use the most natural and gentle wood on the furniture, showing the most original wood flavor.

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You Are Family

For your family, we wholeheartedly bring exquisite and cost-effective furniture

INSIRONA children's bedside table white oak INSIRONA children's wardrobe white oak INSIRONA bed with cabinet white oakLISPERT double bed white oak LISPERT solid wood double bed white oak


Bedside Table

Made of solid wood, it is natural, the original texture of wood, using a minimum of sanding and painting, presenting the original texture of wood, wild but without losing its temperament.

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Solid wood furniture is furniture made from natural wood, while wood-based furniture is made from compressed wood chips or fiberboard. Solid wood furniture is generally more durable than wood-based furniture and has a unique wood grain and texture. Artificial panel furniture, on the other hand, is usually cheaper and not as durable as solid wood furniture.

Solid wood furniture generally needs to be waxed regularly. Under normal circumstances, waxing is enough once a quarter, so that the furniture will look more shiny and the surface will not attract dust, making it easier to clean. Waxing can lock the moisture in the wood and effectively prevent the furniture from drying out and deforming.

Warm reminder: Do not wax frequently, otherwise it will clog the pores of the wood. Just wax your solid wood furniture once a quarter. In this way, it not only plays a protective role, but also does not damage the appearance of the furniture coating due to excessive waxing.

For more information, please refer to our " Guide to the Maintenance and Restoration of Solid Wood Furniture ."