Delivery Service

Delivery service

Delivery: It takes about 1-2 weeks for product delivery (due to the epidemic, transportation time may vary, please understand.)

Shipping fee: Free shipping to Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories

Returns and exchanges: Returns and exchanges are not accepted (for details, please refer to Returns and Exchanges )

Delivery details:

  • There is no delivery on Sundays and public holidays.
  • If the push path exceeds 50 meters, an additional charge of $100/piece will be required. The actual additional fee will need to be confirmed based on the situation.
  • If the delivery address does not have an elevator, there will be a fee for delivery upstairs, which is estimated to be $150/floor. The actual additional fee will need to be confirmed based on the situation.
  • If you need delivery at a specific time, please notify us in advance. If there is no notice and no one answers the door on the day of delivery, the customer will need to bear additional shipping costs of $200 per trip.
  • If there are any errors or omissions in the delivery information, delivery may be delayed.
  • Delivery is a continuous service. If you need to carry and push the goods by yourself in the middle, you need to handle the follow-up matters by yourself.

What customers need to know before purchasing

  • Please read all terms and conditions carefully before purchasing goods. Once a customer submits an order, it means that you accept our store's shopping terms and conditions.

  • The pictures are for reference only. The color of the product may differ from the actual situation due to factors such as environment and lighting. However, any deviation in wood grain or color cannot be avoided.

  • Product designs may vary slightly and there may be minor differences from expected measurements. If you have any questions about size, design details, etc., please send us an email to inquire before purchasing to ensure that you understand the product information before deciding whether to purchase, and to avoid misunderstandings or disputes.

  • Since the delivery time of each product is different, customers should pay attention to the estimated delivery time listed on the product and make a time budget before purchasing. If the delivery time deviation is not caused by our store, our store will not return or refund the goods.

  • It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the furniture packaged by Caterlog allows delivery personnel to pass through all floors of the delivery address such as: doors, stairs, passages and elevators. If the goods are not successfully delivered and delivered due to the above reasons, Caterlog will also No refunds or returns will be made for the above reasons.

  • Due to the long transportation time of the product and the sealed packaging, it is inevitable that there will be odor. When disassembling and using it, it is recommended to ventilate the room indoors for one or several days.

Furniture delivery and installation instructions

  • Due to the customer's own reasons, the furniture cannot be delivered by the delivery personnel and fails to be successfully delivered and delivered. Caterlog will not refund any fees or return the goods. If re-delivery is required, Caterlog will charge the customer the transportation fee for the day, and the customer will be responsible for the transportation fees arranged separately. If the customer needs information on the dimensions of the packaged furniture, please contact us to obtain the relevant information before arranging delivery. The customer must decide by himself whether the packaged furniture can successfully pass through the delivery personnel and the furniture.
  • If the furniture must be unpacked before it can pass through the delivery address, the customer can determine whether to unpack it before communicating with the delivery personnel. If the customer requires the delivery personnel to unpack the furniture before transporting it, any damage or scratches to the furniture during delivery after unpacking will be borne by the customer. Caterlog will not be responsible. The store will also have the opportunity to compensate the customer for the costs derived from the above reasons. Fee.
  • The furniture delivery services provided by Caterlog do not include services such as moving stairs, pushing products over 50 meters, putting products on the wall, or disposing of furniture. If necessary, customers must inform customer service or delivery staff in advance to make arrangements, and delivery staff will charge additional service fees to customers. Please refer to the "Additional Charges Schedule" for suggested charges.
  • All products do not include installation services. If you need installation, please inform us in advance so that we can arrange a technician to provide services for you as soon as possible. Caterlog may charge additional fees. Please see "Additional Fee Schedule" .
  • Any damage caused by the delivery personnel (furniture or interior decoration, etc.) is the responsibility of the customer and the delivery personnel, and Caterlog is not responsible.
  • Due to safety issues, Caterlog will recommend that some products be installed on the wall (for details, please refer to the product information on the website), but our store does not provide product wall mounting services. If the customer does not install the product on the wall, if there are any safety issues in the future, the customer must bear the risk and the store will not be responsible.
  • Our store reserves the right of final interpretation and decision on all inspection fees, transportation fees or disassembly fees that need to be charged.