Frequently asked questions about wood

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What are the four main types of wood?

Wood is divided into four categories. Hardwood, softwood, plywood, and medium density fiberboard are the main categories of bricks. Later it can be classified as a subcategory of the above mentioned categories or separated according to different classification criteria.

Which wood is best for furniture?

The following types of furniture are top-grade:
1. Cherry wood: Cherry wood is reddish-brown, straight-grained, and may contain pith spots.
2. Pine : Pine is extremely susceptible to wear and dents, especially in high-traffic areas.
3. Maple: Maple is very strong, heavy, and highly resistant to shock.
4. Oak : Oak is heavy, hard-wearing and very strong.

What wood is the most expensive?

The woods with the most expensive wood labels are;
1. Sandalwood
3. Agarwood
4.Black wood (ebony)
5. Dalbergia
6. Bocote Cordia