Round table vs square table dining table buying guide

圓枱VS方枱 餐枱選購指南

As a space where families gather to communicate, share food, and even work, the dining room is often the highlight of home decoration. Many consumers have difficulty deciding on how to choose the most suitable dining table for their dining room, such as whether to buy a round table or a square table. In response to this issue, the following will introduce the characteristics and considerations related to analysis:

space layout

Space layout is an important factor in choosing a dining table. According to the shape and size of the dining room, choose a suitable table shape so that the space will not appear crowded or empty. For example, a rectangular space is generally more suitable for a square table; for a square space, a special-shaped space, or a dining room that is too large, a round table will have better space utilization. However, if the dining room is rectangular but relatively large in area, you can also choose a combination of round table + sideboard to improve the functionality of the space.

Number of people and purpose

If there are a large number of people dining at home and the dining habits are more Chinese-style, a round table of similar size would be more suitable. A square table would be more difficult for many people to seat because of its many corners. In addition, a dining table that is too long will also make it more difficult to pick up food. But if the Chinese dining table needs to take into account office functions, the square table will be more convenient to use.

home style

There is also a certain correlation between home style and the choice of dining table. For example, modern style and Nordic style usually have simple lines, and square tables will be more suitable, while French and Chinese styles often use round tables or oval table tops, which will make the space more coordinated. . However, if the shape of the dining table does not match the home style due to personal preference or usage needs, you can also rely on the shape selection of other soft furnishings to coordinate the coordination of the entire space.

I hope you can choose the type of dining table that suits you based on the above factors and your own needs. To facilitate your choice, the following introduces the advantages of round tables and square tables and related recommended products for reference:

Round table

communication atmosphere

Everyone on the round platform can see each other, and the view will not be affected by the angle, which helps promote communication and interaction and enhances a harmonious social atmosphere.

Use the space

The round table has no corners, which can accommodate more seats and is more suitable for the Chinese eating habit of dining together.


Round tables help create a warm, cozy atmosphere for family meals and small gatherings.


The first choice for small apartments

Square tables are easier to arrange in long and narrow spaces and can be placed against the wall to make better use of corner space.

sense of ritual

Square tables usually appear more formal and structured and are suitable for formal dining occasions or to create a sense of ritual in the space.


Square tables can be used for a variety of purposes, such as working, studying, or preparing food, because their larger countertops provide more usable space.

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