Other Fee

Delivery Service

Delivery charges

Hong Kong/Kowloon/New Territories

Free Shipping

Ma Wan

Add $100

Tung Chung

Add $150

Discovery Bay

Add $200

Stair climbing/descending fee

Pushing the road more than 50 meters

An additional $100/item will be charged (the actual surcharge will depend on the actual situation)

Delivery address without lift

An additional fee of $150 per item/floor will be charged. If there are more than 16 stairs, there will be a surcharge for one floor of stairs (the actual surcharge will depend on the actual situation)

Additional charges for rescheduling delivery

On the day of delivery, if no one answers the door at the delivery address, there will be an additional charge for re-arranging delivery.

$200/piece one way

It costs $400 to return the goods (2 trips in total)

Reinstall the service

If no one answers the door on the day of installation, the cost of re-arranging personnel to come to install (delivery and installation may not be performed on the same day)


Parking Fee In case of delivery, parking fees will be incurred Charge according to actual situation

Return/Exchange Service

Additional fees for accepting return requests

Shipping costs

$500 per trip

Product repackaging fees

30% of product selling price

Administrative fees


Disposal fee

$500/item (the actual additional cost depends on the actual situation)

Any other additional charges incurred for recycling the product

The actual cost depends on the actual situation