Storage period

Caterlog provides customers with 30 days of free storage service. The free storage period is 30 days from the scheduled delivery date. Customers must notify Caterlog to arrange delivery within the free storage period. If delayed delivery is required, additional delayed delivery fees and storage fees will be incurred.

The scheduled delivery date is the delivery date notified to Caterlog after the customer places the order. If the customer does not have a clear scheduled delivery date, the scheduled delivery date will default to the day when the Caterlog notification is received.

Each furniture product can be temporarily stored in the warehouse for up to 60 days. If the customer fails to collect the goods after the expiration date, it means giving up the goods and the money paid. The company has the right to discard the goods and money without taking any responsibility.

Storage fee

If the customer does not pick up the shipment within 30 days from the scheduled delivery date, no storage fees will be incurred.

If the customer picks up the shipment more than 30 days after the scheduled delivery date, Caterlog will charge the customer a storage fee of HK$500 per furniture product per week, starting from the next day.

If the customer confirms the latest delivery date, they must contact the company at least 7 days before the delivery date. If there are any unsettled fees, they must pay in full at least one day before the delivery date. The company will arrange delivery within 7-14 days. Due to multiple uncontrollable factors in delivery, the company reserves the right to delay delivery and contact customers to reschedule.