Customized Furniture Service

The custom-made furniture service provided by Caterlog refers to non-built-in furniture made of high-quality solid wood as the main material according to the specific requirements of the customer.

As for the furniture that needs to be measured and repaired, and made of artificial boards, such as plywood with fireproof rubber board facings, and furniture mainly for storage, such as eight-foot wide and full-height wardrobes, platform beds, etc., we will only refer to those who are referred to us for cooperation. Interior design companies only provide this if they are doing custom-made furniture for the whole house.

We hope to carefully create a piece of furniture for you that will fit into your home, stay with you all the time, and bring you warmth.

Customized solid wood furniture process

Step 1: Customer provides design

Including style, size and wood.

You can refer to our existing products first, or provide photos or hand-drawn designs by yourself.

Wood options:


Ash Wood

Red Oak

White Oak


Black Walnut

For detailed information on wood, please refer to " Solid Wood Furniture | Introduction to Common Wood Materials in Hong Kong "

Step 2: We quote

Please refer to our cash price first and we will make a quotation based on your design and material selection. Please note that due to the unique value of personalized design and hand-made furniture, the price of custom-made furniture will be slightly higher than the spot price.

Step 3: Customer places order

Order: Please provide name, phone number and address.

Delivery time: The production cycle takes 10-15 days. If some goods take a longer time, you will be notified separately.

Delivery: Please refer to our delivery service details.

Payment: Supports multiple payment methods, please refer to the FAQ on the homepage for details. For orders within HK$30,000, the full amount must be paid in advance. For orders above HKD 30,000, a 70% deposit must be paid in advance and the remaining balance must be paid one day before delivery.