Membership Terms

The membership plan is currently under temporary application. We will notify you by email as soon as possible after the membership application is resumed.
The membership program is managed and operated by Catelog. The services provided must be strictly performed in accordance with its terms and conditions of service.
1. Application procedures
1.1 Customers can apply for membership at Catelog and start using membership services.
1.2 Each member can only have one membership number at the same time. If duplicate registration is found, all memberships including points* will be deleted at the same time without prior notice.
1.3 This membership is only for the Catelog member’s personal use and is not transferable.
1.4 Catelog has the final decision-making power to approve membership.
2. Member account and password
2.1 Members should properly keep their member accounts and passwords, and be legally responsible for all activities and events conducted on the account. Catelog will not bear any responsibility if the account is illegally used by others due to hacking or negligence of members. If members discover any illegal use of member accounts or security vulnerabilities, please contact Catelog immediately.
2.2 Members can log in to their membership account at any time to view your account information and shopping records.
3. Modification of membership service content and terms
Catelog reserves the final right to change the structure, benefits and other items of the membership system at any time, including terms and conditions; or to terminate the membership system. Any changes are made without prior notice. Once a member uses any items and offers of this program, it means that the member has accepted any relevant changes and updates. Catelog is not responsible for any losses that may result from such changes and updates. In case of any dispute, Catelog reserves the right to make the final decision.
4. Personal Data Collection Statement
4.1    The personal information provided by members is voluntary and will be used for the operation and management of the Catelog membership program, including point calculation, management and redemption of rewards; or for future data collection, development plans, and providing communications and information to members. If members fail to provide or update relevant information, Catelog may not be able to provide members with established membership services and related benefits, and thus membership may be terminated. If you fail to provide your name and email, you will not be able to register as a member and shop at Catelog.
4.2 Catelog will not publish, edit or disclose users’ personal information and non-public content saved in Catelog membership services. The relevant personal data will only be used to provide members with the latest news, information and services. Members have the right to refuse to receive any promotional information.
4.3 Members are responsible for informing Catelog of the latest communication methods. Catelog will not be responsible for any losses caused by members failing to notify Catelog Hong Kong official online flagship store of relevant communication methods . Members can directly go to Catelog or email to to notify Catelog Hong Kong official online flagship store to change their personal information.
5. Notice
5.1 All notices to members will be sent to members through web pages, emails, letters or any public form, including modifications to the terms of service, changes in service content or other important matters.
5.2 The above terms and conditions are subject to any changes without prior notice.
5.3 In case of any disputes, Catelog Hong Kong official online flagship store reserves the right to make the final decision.