Have you chosen the solid wood dining table? Recommendations for furniture matching in different interior design styles


Solid wood dining tables play an important role in home interior design. The unique texture and durability of solid wood furniture have always made it a popular choice for custom-made furniture. In different interior design styles, how to choose a suitable solid wood dining table is a science. Let’s discuss the matching skills of solid wood dining tables in different interior design styles!

6 common home styles:

  • Modern minimalist style

  • Unprinted style

  • Japanese retro style

  • industrial style

  • Nordic style

  • Modern light luxury style

Modern minimalist style solid wood furniture

The modern minimalist interior design style focuses on the sense of space, so the dining table or solid wood furniture will be customized in light colors, such as light wood or white solid wood, to reduce the sense of visual oppression. The dining table will have a simple shape and try to avoid complicated and fancy decorations. The surface will tend to be smooth and there will be less wood grain. It is also a good choice to match it with fabric or pure wooden dining chairs.

The dining table design with light wood color and simple texture can reduce the visual pressure and make it look more comfortable and spacious.

To create a modern and simple interior design style, you can try to customize solid wood furniture styles that are not fancy.


Muji style solid wood furniture

Muji's home design style focuses on nature and simplicity, so when customizing furniture, a rustic solid wood dining table is an ideal choice. Light, wood-colored tones and a square design can create a comfortable and tranquil atmosphere of Muji style. In recent years, Muji has also made slight changes, launching furniture that matches white or off-white. It is also a good idea to integrate these elements into the dining table.

The Muji style is dominated by square, light-colored wooden furniture, creating a comfortable home feel.

If you want to add a little more variety to the Muji style, you can customize a matching white solid wood dining table.

Japanese retro style solid wood furniture

Japanese-style interior design has become very popular in recent years, and custom-made furniture has also evolved into different styles. Japanese retro-style solid wood furniture is one of them. This style has a more calm feeling than Muji style, and also focuses on highlighting taste. Choosing a dark and exquisite solid wood dining table is the key. Some furniture will also add frosted glass, rattan, and brass. and other elements.

The Japanese retro style has a simple and delicate feel, so it is best to choose an exquisite and compact dark solid wood dining table.

If there are many people at home, a polygonal dining table paired with curved back and pointed-leg dining chairs are styles worth considering.

Industrial style solid wood furniture

In an industrial-style interior design, a solid wood dining table can become one of the focal points of the space. This style combines metal and solid wood elements, with the main colors being dark wood, black, and copper, creating an atmosphere that is both modern and rich in texture. Industrial design-style solid wood dining tables are usually strong and durable, visually relatively heavy and large, and the table legs are made of steel or black metal, emphasizing the unique charm of industrial style.

The industrial interior design style combines solid wood and metal with each other, and adding leather can also add more taste.

When ordering solid wood furniture, you can capture the key elements of the industrial style by choosing metal tripods and thick wood textures.


Nordic design style solid wood dining table

In addition to Japanese interior design style, Nordic design style is also a popular choice among young people when ordering furniture. Nordic design style is known for its simplicity, brightness and naturalness. Compared with Japanese style, it has a warmer and more homely feel. When ordering a solid wood dining table, you can choose light-colored solid wood, such as oak or maple, or you can order a style with streamlined and meticulous carpentry. By adding more natural plants, you can easily create a tasteful Nordic style home.

Simplicity, brightness and nature are the main features of Nordic design style. Solid wood furniture in light-colored logs and streamlined styles can be customized.

Some Nordic-style designs will have a slightly rustic warmth, such as adding a light-colored solid wood dining table with straight wooden dining chairs.

Modern light luxury style solid wood furniture

Modern light luxury style pursues high quality and luxury, so when ordering furniture or solid wood dining tables, you can consider exquisite and unique designs. Combining natural wood and dark solid wood with metal details, such as brass or stainless steel, can create an elegant and high-end dining space. In addition, it can also be used with marble pattern dining table tops, special wood textures and exquisitely carved styles. The solid wood dining table has become a work of art in the living and dining room, adding personal features to the modern light luxury style.

Modern light luxury style solid wood furniture can be customized with unique designs, turning the dining table into a work of art in the dining room.

Marble texture, exquisite metal, and high-grade leather are also elements of modern light luxury style. You may also want to consider how to match them when ordering solid wood furniture.

In general, there are many factors to consider when ordering furniture. When choosing solid wood dining tables or solid wood furniture, you can create different interior design styles depending on the color, wood, details, etc. Through clever selection, solid wood dining tables can be perfectly integrated into different styles, bringing more comfort to home life and creating a tasteful home that is exclusive to you.