The secret to transforming a small apartment into a big one


Land is at a premium in Hong Kong and property prices are high. Small apartments are often the choice of most residents. Therefore, how to efficiently utilize small apartments and optimize living space has become a hot topic that everyone continues to pay attention to. In order to make it easier for citizens to create a practical and comfortable home, we will share the space secrets that make a small apartment larger from five aspects:

Spatial Planning

Functional layout
Allocate functional space according to living needs to make space use more efficient. Merging and opening public areas is also a means to improve the sense of space. For example, the LDK layout, which is common in Japan, merges the living room, dining room, kitchen, and even office areas to make the house look wider.
multifunctional furniture
To save space and increase practicality, you can choose multi-functional furniture, such as beds with built-in cabinets and folding dining tables.
Wall utilization
Install wall-mounted storage cabinets, hooks, bookshelves, etc. to maximize the use of wall space, reduce floor occupation, and keep the space tidy.
bright colors
Use white or light bright colors to increase the sense of space and avoid too many dark colors that can make the space look cramped.

Storage and organization

Storage system
Choosing furniture with storage functions can more easily meet the storage needs of small apartments, such as storage beds, sofas with storage space, etc., to store debris and keep the space tidy.
Organize items
Organize unnecessary items regularly to keep your space tidy and organized and avoid overcrowding.
Prioritize commonly used items
Keep frequently used items within easy reach for daily use.

furniture and materials

simple furniture
Choose simple furniture with clear lines, avoid overly complex designs, and maintain the overall feel of the space.
Transparent material
Using transparent or glass furniture can increase the visual sense of space.
small size furniture
Choose the appropriate size of furniture according to the size of the space, leaving enough space for the house to ensure smooth movement.

Decoration and lighting

simple decoration
Avoid complicated decorations and choose simple, refreshing decorations to make the space look more concise and tidy.
bright lights
Choose lighting that suits the space, such as bright lights or LED lighting, to improve space brightness and comfort.
Clever use of mirrors
Using mirror decoration or furniture can increase the sense of space and light reflection, making the space look wider.

Green plants and natural elements

plant decoration
Add some green plants or potted plants to add natural elements to the space, making the indoor environment full of comfort and vitality.
natural material
Use furniture or decorations made of natural materials, such as solid wood furniture, stone, etc., to create a warm and natural atmosphere.

I hope the above tips will help inspire you to make your house bigger and create a warm and comfortable home!

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