Necessary furniture to enhance your home’s sense of fashion: TV cabinet selection and inspiration


The TV cabinet is an indispensable and important piece of furniture in modern homes. It not only serves as a place for placing TVs, but also for displaying multimedia equipment, books, decorations, etc. It is the core of home entertainment, storage and decoration. Therefore, how to choose a TV cabinet that suits your home is very important.

design style

As one of the focal points of the home space, the location of the TV cabinet often attracts attention, so you need to be particularly careful when choosing a TV cabinet. A TV cabinet with a simple and elegant design that matches the overall style can make the living room space more overall aesthetic. For example, the simple and calm Japanese style, the elegant and quiet French style, can be matched by choosing a TV cabinet with related elements.

Function and storage

TV stands need to be versatile. In addition to placing the TV, there should also be reasonable storage or storage space to organize related supporting items and decorations to keep the space tidy and orderly. Cabinets are usually equipped with cabinet buckets or open cabinet shelves, which can be selected according to the family's storage plan to meet different needs.

Material and quality

The material of the TV cabinet is also the key to selection. Solid wood TV cabinets are widely loved for their texture and durability of natural wood, such as cherry wood and walnut, which can bring a natural and warm atmosphere to the home environment. Other materials are more suitable as embellishments, such as glass, metal, rattan, etc., which can be selected according to personal taste and home style.

Space and size

Determine the size and layout of your home space. Measure the dimensions of the TV and the room to match the overall room layout. Make sure the TV is securely placed, not too large or too small, and that the visual presentation is coordinated and harmonious. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to set the width of TV sets and TV cabinets between 1:2 and 2:3.

As the core furniture in the public space of the home, the selection and design of the TV cabinet directly affects the style and tone of the entire space. Choosing a suitable TV cabinet can not only meet your entertainment needs, but also make your home space more layered and beautiful. To make it easier for everyone to choose, here are four selected solid wood TV cabinets that are suitable for creating different styles of homes.

CEDARLEY Japanese TV cabinet cherry wood

The CEDARLEY TV cabinet made of high-quality cherry wood is warm and natural. The straight-grained cabinet surface and handle-free pressing cabinet design are simple and restrained, and are very suitable for Japanese home styles. The upper level of the cabinet is equipped with a movable top panel to provide flexible storage space. It is a TV cabinet that is both practical and aesthetic.

ARNWING sliding door TV cabinet cherry wood

The ARNWING cherry wood TV cabinet adopts a very elegant curved straight-grained sliding door, with high legs and a light design. The Changhong glass cabinet door is also embellished to increase visual appeal. It perfectly presents French elegance and is suitable for creating a refined and charming space.

KINETIX rattan TV cabinet black walnut

KINETIX black walnut TV cabinet is a classic choice in retro or new Chinese style. Made of black walnut wood, providing a high-end feel. The unique rattan cabinet door creates a retro charm, and the brass cabinet legs and door handles add a sense of luxury, adding a unique charm to the home.

TEDALIST TV cabinet with light black walnut

TEDALIST TV cabinet is made of high-quality black walnut, with a unique mountain-shaped cabinet design and built-in light strips, creating a natural artistic conception and presenting a unique and mysterious visual effect. Natural, calm and creative design will become the core focus of the home space.

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