Maintenance and Restoration Guide for Solid Wood Furniture


Solid wood furniture is a favorite choice of furniture for many people. It not only has an elegant texture, but is also more durable than other furniture materials. However, like all furniture, solid wood furniture requires regular maintenance and restoration to ensure the long-term preservation of its appearance and functionality. In this article, we will discuss some basic knowledge and techniques for the maintenance and repair of solid wood furniture.

    1. Regular cleaning : Regular cleaning can remove dirt and stains from the surface of solid wood furniture. Use a slightly damp soft cloth or sponge to clean the surface; avoid using an overly wet cloth or spraying water directly on the furniture. If you need to use a cleaner, choose a product specifically designed for solid wood furniture and follow the directions on the manual. After cleaning is complete, wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

    2. Avoid sunlight and moisture : Solid wood furniture should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, as sunlight can discolor and age the wood. Likewise, humid environments can cause damage to solid wood furniture, such as expansion and contraction. Therefore, choose a dry location to place your furniture and use blackout curtains or tape to protect furniture surfaces from direct sunlight.

    3. Regular care : Regularly applying care oil on the surface of solid wood furniture can prevent the wood from aging and cracking. Choose a care oil specially designed for solid wood furniture, apply it according to the instructions, and then wipe the surface with a dry cloth. The frequency of care oil depends on the use and environment of the furniture, and it is usually recommended to care once every six months or every year.

    4. Repair damage : If there are scratches, dents or other damage on the surface of your solid wood furniture, you can use repair wax or filler glue to repair it. Choose a repair wax or filling glue that matches the furniture and use it according to the instructions on the product manual. Once the repair is complete, wait for the repair agent to dry completely, then lightly sand the surface with abrasive paper or sandpaper so that it conforms to the surrounding wood surface. Finally, coat the surface with a conditioning oil or wax to make the repair more consistent with the surrounding surface.

    5. Regular Inspections : Regularly check furniture connections for looseness or damage. If you find a problem with a connection, repair it immediately to prevent more serious damage.

In short, the maintenance and repair of solid wood furniture need to be carried out regularly to ensure the long-term preservation of its appearance and functionality. Regular cleaning and care can prevent wood from aging and discoloring, and regular inspections and repairs can prevent more serious damage from occurring. Choosing the right cleaning products and care oils, as well as using the appropriate repair wax or filler glue, can keep your solid wood furniture beautiful and durable.

If you need more information about the maintenance and restoration of solid wood furniture, please contact us. We will provide you with the best advice and service to keep your solid wood furniture in top condition.