Why is solid wood furniture safer than other furniture when it comes to formaldehyde?


Solid wood furniture is safer and healthier than other furniture when it comes to formaldehyde. This should be taken into consideration when purchasing furniture.

First, formaldehyde is a common toxic gas that is commonly used in the manufacture of furniture and other wood products. Formaldehyde has strong carcinogenic and sensitizing effects, and long-term exposure may cause damage to human health. Therefore, choosing low-formaldehyde furniture is very important to protect human health.

Compared with other furniture, solid wood furniture has higher low formaldehyde performance. This is because solid wood furniture is made of natural wood as the main raw material, and its formaldehyde content is usually much lower than that of artificial boards and other synthetic materials. Especially if the product surface is properly treated, the amount of formaldehyde released can be further reduced.

In addition, solid wood furniture usually adopts a more concise and natural design style, which is different from the design of modern furniture. It also uses less glue and other chemicals, so it can not only reduce the amount of formaldehyde released, but also reduce the amount of formaldehyde released. release of other harmful gases.

Finally, solid wood furniture is longer and more durable in terms of service life, unlike other furniture that has problems such as delamination and warping. This also fundamentally reduces the impact of harmful gases such as formaldehyde on human health.

Based on the above, solid wood furniture has more advantages than other furniture in terms of formaldehyde problems. For consumers who are concerned about human health, choosing solid wood furniture is a very wise and desirable choice.